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5 Things to Check Before Choosing an Aluminum Plate Supplier

Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, lightweight and durable. No wonder it is one of the most widely used non-ferrous metals. Aluminum is offered in several shapes and forms, including plates. Aluminum plates are manufactured by passing aluminum through high pressure rollers to force it into a thinner, longer shape. The process is also used to manufacture aluminum sheets and coils.


The physical, chemical, and structural properties of aluminum plate make it ideal for various applications. Aluminum plates and sheets are used in food and beverage, building and construction, automotive and transportation, aerospace, and along with other end user’s segment. It offers unique properties like light weight advantage, durability and highly formable. It does not discolor products and is reflective to both heat and light. It can be coated with a wide variety of surface finishes and welded and formed according to the preference.


After you have decided which grade to use in aluminum plates for your project, choose a supplier who can meet your needs. Look for a reputable supplier with a proven track record of excellence. Ensure the provider has the infrastructure required to provide customized products.


Here are some things to consider when choosing an aluminum plate supplier.


Look for a provider with a deep understanding the different aluminum grades and specifications each grade provides. Make sure the supplier can achieve your desired product tolerance and can provide aluminum products at high quality. An expert can help educate you in the properties of each grade which will help you choose the right aluminum grade for your project.


Services Offered

Make sure the supplier you are considering offers metal fabrication and other services.  Additional process performed by the Supplier my save you time and hassle of processing materials on-site. We at Bayou Metal Supply are committed to helping businesses save time and money. We offer a range of metal processing services such as CNC routing, water jet cutting, metal bending, friction stir welding, kitting and assemblies.  Our facility has CNC machines designed to produced finished parts in high quantity.

Turnaround Time

Shipping delays can lead to unhappy customers and missed business opportunities. Make sure the provider you are considering can meet the shipping deadlines required to meet the projects needs. At Bayou Metal Supply, we understand the importance of a quick turnaround time. Our inventory management team strives to fulfill and ship orders with short lead time often next day for stocked material.  For the more complex jobs, ask our representatives what delivery options may be available.


When comparing quotes, take a look at every cost element. Ask the suppliers you are considering if there are any other costs involved than the ones mentioned in their quotes. Though price is an important factor, do not base your decision solely on it. Be cautious of suppliers who quote an unreasonably low price. Remember that if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Industry Certifications

To get certified by a reputable industry body and maintain their certification, an aluminum supplier is required to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality. Certifications inspire confidence and build trust. A certified supplier makes sure their products meet quality standards.


Whether you need aluminum plates, tubes, angles or channels, Bayou Metal Supply has got you covered. We offer almost all grades of aluminum and stainless steel. To talk to one of our metal specialists, call (888) 201-6417.

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