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Processing & Fabrication Services That Keep You On Schedule

Fabrication services get your metals & supplies kitted and delivered ready for assembly, saving time and money.

Your Metals Delivered Ready for Assembly

Bayou Metals offers value-added metals processing, such as precision router cutting with our (1) onsite 12’ x 68’ and (2) 8’ x 40’ CNC routers, cutting to length, plasma cutting, precision sawing, and shearing, and more, before distributing these products to manufacturers and other end-users. In 2018, the owners formed a production company, Bayou Manufacturing Services, which extends the value-added services to include Friction Stir Welding and weld shop fabrication capabilities to our customers all on the same property.

Committed To Saving Our Customers Time & Money

CNC Routing
Up to 12′ X 68′ Aluminum Routing
Metal Bending
Up to 400 TON / 24′ Material Bending
Friction Stir Welding
Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for Aluminum Shipbuilding and Heavy Manufacturing
Plate Saw
5” thick x 24’wide 9” thick x 54” wide
0.063” to 3/8” thick x 12ft wide
CNC Machining
Mill and Lathe

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Delivering the supplies you need, exactly when you need them, including time saving build-ready modular kits, large scale panels, and complex components ready for assembly.

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