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Modular Shipbuilding for Your Complex Builds

Bayou Leads in Aluminum Shipbuilding Panel Kit Manufacturing

Your Modular Ship Construction Partner

Modular shipbuilding for the US Navy and US Coast Guard for their aluminum surface ship fleet has become the standard for increasing quality, lowering build times, and reducing cost. Shipbuilding customers are demanding all three of cost, schedule, and quality to maximize their valuable budgets and get the most from limited resources.

Bayou Manufacturing offers a full range of services for all Navy, Coast Guard, and commercial offshore shipbuilding projects. Our teams are fully experienced in quality systems, have demonstrated a superior safety record, and are proven to be a great partner for a wide range of shipyards and complex shipbuilding projects. We set aside any competitive tendencies and become your full partner in success. Bayou Manufacturing is a proven partner making the prime look good.

Engineering Expertise You Can Count On

Facilities & Equipment

Bayou has invested in an aluminum panel construction facility, both equipment and engineering expertise, and raw metal supply volume to supply module kits for a wide range of ship construction projects.

Superior Process

Our shipbuilding partners benefit from the longest “friction stir welding” process line in the U.S.


We have expertise developed over many years in projects like the Navy’s LCS, the USCG OPV, and New York’s Staten Island Ferries.


As one of the Southeast’s largest supplier of raw aluminum material, our prices can seldom be beat.

What makes modular ship construction superior?

Pre-Fab Components

Using pre-fab components started in the 1970s when CAD-3D software enabled moving major work into the shops instead of actually on the ship under construction. The improved efficiency removed thousands of hours of work and lowered costs significantly. The next step of a non-shipyard supplier of modules is a natural extension of that approach with connectivity and common design systems insuring a sure fit the first time.

Distributed Manufacturing

This distributed manufacturing in ship construction is combined with streamlined design process to make increasingly complex ships at a reasonable cost. Hull or superstructure kits can be built in Louisiana where there is a long history of shipbuilding, shipped to a shipyard in Wisconsin where they are delivered just in time. The shipyards don’t carry any of the inventory, get access to the lowest possible raw material costs, and can focus their workforce on increasingly technical areas where their margins are higher.

From Raw Metal To Completed Kits

Bayou’s role in modular shipbuilding is to produce aluminum hull, interior, and deck structural components that are delivered in kits to the shipyard, fully ready to weld into the final assembly.

Shipyard project plans can take a wide range of options when contracting for modular shipbuilding. In Europe, the largest cruise ships are being built with whole completed sections built-in separate shipyards. In the USA, the Virginia class submarine has been built using modular construction at two different shipyards with full sharing of design plans.

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