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Marine Applications

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Vessels and ships are exposed to harsh marine environments. Regular materials are vulnerable to corrosion and, thus, cannot be used for ships. Marine-grade aluminum is corrosion-resistant, which makes it perfect for workboats, luxury vessels, fishing vessels, gas-powered boats, small recreational boats, and large high-speed car/passenger ferries. 

Some benefits of aluminum include excellent workability, longevity, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. The aluminum-magnesium alloys of the 5XXX series are among the most widely used materials in the shipbuilding industry.  

Bayou Metal Supply: A One-stop-shop For All Your Shipbuilding Materials Needs 

Bayou Metal Supply is a leading supplier of marine-grade aluminum for shipbuilding. We are not your average aluminum supplier. Unlike many other aluminum sheet distributors that offer select grades of stainless aluminum, we have almost all popular aluminum grades used in shipbuilding. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, our products undergo grueling quality tests.

In 2018, we set up our production company, Bayou Manufacturing Services. Our production company offers a wide range of top notch value-added metals processing services including precision router cutting, precision sawing, plasma cutting shearing and cutting to length. 

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The Bayou Advantage 

We offer a range of metal processing and fabrication services, including CNC routing, metal building, and friction stir welding. Our advanced CNC routers are designed to cut materials in complex, custom shapes. 

We provide certificates and documents with our products so our customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are investing in quality products. 

Managing inventory is a big headache. When you choose us, your managers need not spend hours tracking inventory and can focus on their core tasks. We offer inventory management services, so our customers have one less thing to worry about. Our teams work tirelessly to fulfill orders within 24 hours of receiving them. 

On-site metal processing is notoriously time-consuming and requires intensive effort. No wonder teams that process metals on-site often miss deadlines. To save our customers who are trying to meet tight deadlines the hassle of processing metals on-site, we assemble products in build ready modular kits and then deliver them to our customers. 

As soon as a customer receives build-ready kits, they can perform a quick inspection and then deliver them to the end customer. When products arrive ready for assembly at a customer’s facility, their employees can relax knowing that everything has been taken care of and they can stay focused on their KRAs. 

Our superior contract manufacturing capabilities give us a competitive advantage. No matter how complicated your project is, we can meet all your requirements. Our high-precision fabrication tools are designed to cut and shape metals effectively and swiftly, allowing us to deliver the goods on-time and on-budget.  

Marine-Grade Aluminum 

Products: Marine-grade aluminum plates, marine-grade aluminum channels, marine-grade aluminum beams, marine-grade round and square bars, high-strength marine-grade aluminum flat bars, marine-grade aluminum square tubing, marine-grade aluminum plates and sheets, and other aluminum profiles. 

Aluminum Grades Widely Used in Shipbuilding: Grades 5083, 5A01, 5A05, 5052, and 6061. 

Benefits of 5083 Aluminum: Superior corrosion resistance and durability. It has good weldability and is lightweight. 

Applications: Internal and external panels of ship hulls and fuel tank panels. 

Benefits of 5A01 Aluminum: Good formability and superior fatigue strength.

Applications: Cargo hold walls, storage systems, and partitions. 

Benefits of 5A05 Aluminum: Superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. It has good machinability. 

Applications: Structural components of ship hulls, bulkheads, ceilings, and cabin doors. 

Benefits of 5052 Aluminum: It has good machinability and high tensile strength. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it fit for use in corrosive environments. 

Applications: Ship partitions, cabin walls, and hull components.

Benefits of 6061 Aluminum: 6061 aluminum plates and 6061 aluminum sheets boast excellent corrosion resistance and have excellent machinability and weldability. 

Applications: Sailing boat parts such as masts. 6061 aluminum tread plates are used for ship decks. 

Marine Industry Services

Types of Vessels We Supply Metals For 

We supply metals used for building almost all types of vessels, including fishing vessels, tankers, crew transfer vessels, and navy ships and vessels.  

Fishing Vessels: These are boats and ships used to catch fish in water bodies such as lakes, seas, and rivers. Larger vessels are used for deep-sea fishing (that is, fishing in ocean waters).

Tankers: These are designed to transport liquid cargoes such as crude oil and liquified gasses in bulk. 

Crew Transfer Vessels: CTVs transport offshore personnel and their tools and equipment to remote platforms. A typical crew transfer vessel can accommodate 12 passengers. 

Navy Ships and Vessels: These are designed to transport navy personnel and specialized equipment used by the navy. 

Here is the step-by-step process of manufacturing a navy ship.

Plates are bent to match the curve of the ship’s hull.

Hull components are shaped. 

Individual parts are manufactured in sub-assemblies. 

Parts are assembled. 

After the mast is placed into the hull, the ship enters the water for the first time. 

Bayou Metals Supply is a renowned marine grade aluminum supplier. Our ability to tailor our products to our customers’ needs sets us apart from other suppliers. To request a quote, call our office. 

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