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Our Company

Bayou Metal Supply, LLC opened its doors in 2004 as a local distributor of aluminum plate and extrusions with a commitment to provide the best service, the most diverse inventory, and the most competitive pricing to customers in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast.

Since our modest inception, the company’s strong faith in God and visionary leadership, with direct input from our customer base, has pursued an aggressive course of product line expansion into stainless steel and many other specialty metals. Our strong financial profile and management philosophy led to national recognition as a Master Distributor by Metal Center Service News.

We continue to expand the value-added services we offer to our customers. In 2018, with two (2) state-of-the-art CNC Routers already on-site to support processing of up to 8′ x 40′ aluminum sheet and plate, we added our third, a 10’ x 40’ table to expand our capabilities to process 10′ wide material. Already In 2019, we have added a press and are currently in the process of adding a new WaterJet to further expand the processing services that we can provide to our customers.

Over a decade after our inception, we continue to celebrate, affirm, and encourage these core values, both in our business practices and our local communities.

Metal service centers provide customers with readily available aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals inventory and processing. Bayou Metal supply not only meets customer needs of available metals inventory, we stand above our competition by providing reliable, efficient, and timely delivery, flexible minimum order size, and unsurpassed quality control. We focus on inventory management and materials management in the marine and related industries.

Bayou Metal Supply is ISO 9001:2015 certified, offering a full line of thousands of metal products – constantly striving to fulfill and deliver orders within 24 hours of receipt. We provide inventory management services, and value-added metals processing, such as: precision router cutting with our (2) onsite 8’ x 40’ CNC routers, cutting to length, plasma cutting, precision sawing and shearing, and more, before distributing these products to manufacturers and other end-users.

Our decentralized management business model empowers our sales force to excel in their areas of expertise, so that they can adapt and respond quickly to specific regional, market, and industry conditions. Bayou Metal Supply employees are dedicated to providing excellent service to customers, many of whom are also fellow community members and neighbors. We strive to provide quick turnaround, with the highest quality and services, saving time, labor, and expense for our customers. This resulted in a 97% retention rate of customers who returned to do business with us in our most recently completed fiscal year.


Bayou Metal Supply, LLC is committed to setting industry-leading standards in all measures of business performance and customer service. We expect all of our employees to exhibit the highest levels of personal integrity, teamwork, and appreciation for our diverse individual and company cultures. We believe in always treating people fairly, whether employee, supplier, or customer, while always looking for ways to improve our service and contribution to the communities in which we live and work.

Culture and Values

​At Bayou Metal Supply, we believe that our current and continued success require a diverse team of dedicated people working together toward a common mission. We continuously work to improve ourselves through the daily practice of our core beliefs in each and every interaction with one another, as well as our customers and suppliers. This has greatly contributed to our rapid growth in the relatively short time we have been in the metals distribution and service industry, and has enabled us to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers and vendors.

​Faith, leadership, people, service, and accountability are the core values that reflect who we are and define our culture.

Our Team

​As a local, Christian-owned, and operated business, we believe that leadership is a team effort built upon the mutual respect and fair treatment of our customers, suppliers and employees. By demonstrating integrity, trustworthiness, and accountability our leadership team believes that this is why our company stands apart from our peers, and these core values will contribute to the future success of our company.

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