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All you Wanted to Know About Aluminum Angles

Aluminum is offered in a number of extrusions including angles. Aluminum angles come in equal and unequal dimensions.  Aluminum angles consist of two legs arranged to form a 90-degree angle.


Aluminum angles are known for their strength and durability while being lightweight.  They have excellent weldability and moderate machinability and grindability.  When exposed to atmosphere, a thin layer of aluminum oxide quickly forms.  This protects the material from further corrosion caused by oxygen, moisture and many other chemicals.

Different Types of Aluminum Used to Manufacture Aluminum Angles

  • ➢ 6061-T6 Aluminum: Is a standard structural alloy that offers good strength, corrosion resistance and weldability. It is highly resistant to corrosion. 6061 aluminum is a heat treatable alloy. The major alloying elements of 6061 are magnesium and silicon. It is commonly used for structural components and for applications where strength and  stability are of utmost importance.
  • ➢ 6063 Aluminum: The major alloying elements of 6063 aluminum are magnesium and silicon. It is moderately strong. 6063 aluminum angles are commonly used for fabrication projects.
  • ➢ 6082 aluminum: 6082 Aluminum is a medium strength alloy. It is corrosion resistant. 6082 aluminum angles are used for cranes, bridges, trusses and beer barrels.

Aluminum angles are used in a wide range of general structural applications, including:

  • ➢ Trailers
  • ➢ Safety cages
  • ➢ Walkways
  • ➢ Farming equipment
  • ➢ Scaffolding
  • ➢ Ship & building equipment
  • ➢ Transmission towers

More specifically, typical applications for 6061 aluminum include braces, supports, and truck beds, while 6063 aluminum angles are used in construction appliances, architectural trim, racks, automotive appliances, and machine parts.

In addition to structural applications, aluminum angles are also widely employed in the engineering industries, including for railcars, cooling towers, and ground transportation systems. Since 6063 aluminum is often anodized, angles made from the material are more suitable for these engineering applications than structural designs.

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