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3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Aluminum Supplier

There are several benefits of aluminum. It is lightweight, yet durable and has excellent machinability, weldability, and strength-to-weight ratio. The properties of aluminum make it suitable for commercial and industrial use. It is offered in a number of pre-cut forms and shapes.

After you have decided that you want to use aluminum for your next project, the first thing to do is choose an aluminum supplier . Not all aluminum suppliers are created equal. Just because your fellow business owners are using a particular supplier for years, do not automatically assume that they are the right fit. Assess your needs and look for a supplier who can meet them.

Once you shortlisted suppliers, ask yourself these questions to determine if they’re worth their salt.

Do they offer a wide range of products?

Reputable aluminum suppliers stock an impressive array of products in several categories. They offer aluminum in different forms including aluminum sheet, aluminum tubing, aluminum plate and aluminum bar.

  • ➢Aluminum sheets are used for sidings, gutters and roofing. The thickness of an aluminum sheet is usually between 0.25 mm and 6mm.
  • ➢ Aluminum tubes come in a variety of shapes including rectangle tube, square tube and round tube. Outdoor equipment manufacturers use aluminum tubes for camp chair frames, outdoor tables and tent poles.
  • ➢ Aluminum plates come in different shapes and styles. They are thicker than 6mm. Aluminum plates are used for structural components of aircrafts and bridges.
  • ➢ Aluminum bars are used for machine parts.

Do they have product knowledge and expertise?

Check if the supplier you are considering is knowledgeable about the chemical composition of aluminum and its physical and mechanical properties. Aluminum can easily become damaged in transit. It is also susceptible to moisture-induced damage. A knowledgeable aluminum supplier knows how to prevent shipping damage.

An experienced aluminum supplier takes all necessary precautions to prevent corrosion when transporting aluminum with dissimilar metals.

Aluminum is soft and can, therefore, get damaged when transported with heavier metals. An expert supplier applies coating to the surface of aluminum to prevent damage during transportation.

Do they offer value added services?

When you choose a supplier who takes care of delivery you are spared the hassle of searching for a delivery service. Before placing your order, inquire about the supplier’s delivery charges and shipping terms and conditions. It is also important that you look for a provider that offers metal fabrication services and has the infrastructure required to process metal at their facility.

Another important thing to consider is if the provider has a team of metal specialists that can help you choose the right aluminum grade and form for your project.

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