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Everything You Should Know About 5086 Extrusions

Aluminum 5086 extrusions are made using a manufacturing process called extrusion, best used for making complex cross-sectional profile objects with multiple T slots to join numerous bars via connectors to create structures. Metal workers can weld it using any conventional and modern welding method. The 5086 extrusions are manufactured with strain hardening and cold working for higher strength as compared to 5052 and 5083. Still, it is one of the best corrosion-resistant and cost-effective metals.


What are Aluminum 5086 extrusions used for?


They are used for various purposes but most commonly for shipyards, tank cars, superstructures, TV towers, drilling rigs, transportation equipment, marine components, and to name a few.


Aluminum 5086 chemical composition


Aluminum 5086 extrusions are made of multiple elements, which are mentioned below. However, there can be other elements used in order to meet specific requirements.


Element Content in percentage
Aluminum (Al) 95.4
Magnesium (Mg) 4.0
Chromium (Cr) 0.15
Manganese (Mn) 0.4


Fabrication and Heat Treatment of Aluminum 5086


Aluminum 5086 is made using various manufacturing methods, which include multiple procedures, fabrication, and heat treatment techniques. Let’s discuss some of the most common fabrication and heat treatment methods of aluminum 5086 below.




Manufacturing facilities use annealing to improve 5086 extrusions’ ductility, which is usually lost due to hammering and other working procedures. The suitable temperature for aluminum 5086 alloy is 343°C (650°F) before it is exposed to cool air.


Cold Working


Also known as cold forming, cold working is used to shape metals, typically working on them at an ambient temperature. Aluminum 5086 holds magnificent cold working characteristics that make it suitable to be worked on in cold temperatures.




Forging is another process widely used to form metals in shapes using compressive forces such as rolling, pressing, hammering, etc. Aluminum 5086 is suitable for cold forging.




Although aluminum 5086 extrusions are made to easily fit in with complex requirements without welding, they can be easily welded in the case essentially needed. Also, it can be welded using all conventional welding techniques; however, electric arc welding is usually preferred.


Heat Treatment


Heat treatment is less often required for aluminum 5086 as it is a non-heat treatable alloy. This is one of the major factors keeping it cost-effective.




Similar to hot working/treatment, hardening usually involves heat. However, Aluminum 5086 extrusions are typically hardened using a cold working process.




When it comes to forming aluminum in different shapes, it offers great characteristics, typically in the O temper as compared to other tempers such as H38 or H36.




Metallic alloy is cut using an automated cutting machine, giving it the final shape and size. Aluminum 5086 extrusion can be easily cut into desired shapes and sizes, especially in strain-hardened tempers (H38, H36).


Applications across industries


Aluminum 5086 extrusions are used across but not limited to, the industries mentioned below.






Oil & Gas

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