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When you need a reliable partner for your large modular aluminum shipbuilding projects, Bayou has the fabrication capabilities and a proven track record of success. We specialize in manufacturing large aluminum plates up to 170 ft long, 2” thick and 38 ft in width. Experienced with USN FCS, USCG OPC, and NYC Staten Island Ferries, we are the modular provider to shipyards for final assembly in the dock.

As an aluminum and marine alloy materials provider for the southeast USA, we have everything under one roof to support large shipbuilding projects: raw materials, manufacturing capabilities, and experienced engineering and project management teams.

Friction stir welding is the key to our large aluminum plate fabrication capability by providing the ability to fabricate large plates in one setup. We reduce costs by controlling the whole supply chain for material and the capital equipment to streamline operations. Our related large-scale metal fabrication capabilities in rolling, bending, welding, cutting, milling, and supporting quality controls make us so successful as a large shipbuilding modular structure provider.

Modular Shipbuilding

Modular Shipbuilding

For many shipyards building large ships in aluminum, Bayou is their preferred module supplier for large structures. We are fast, cost effective, and deliver on time and on budget. Our experience speaks for itself.

We have delivered superstructure and hull modules for the US Navy FCS, the USCG OPC builds, and the NYC Stated Island Ferries. An individual shipyard cannot beat our costs and quality on module fabrication.

Vessel Construction

Vessel Construction Experience

We’ve been involved on over 400 large ship builds; from engineering support to delivering ready to assemble components. All of our key support staff and engineers have spent their careers in the marine industry.

Large-Scale Friction Stir Welding

Advanced Large-Scale Friction Stir Welding

Friction stir welding is the core capability that can make or break large vessel construction, and we have the longest line available with the experience to make it work. We have the equipment and technical know-how to deliver oversized, ready to assemble aluminum components that come with the Bayou stamp of quality.

Recent Projects

USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter

USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter

Staten Island Ferries

Staten Island Ferries



Manufacturing Capabilities

Friction Welding

  • A process of stir welding aluminum materials together
  • Certification -172 Ft ABS certified.
  • 38 ft wide
  • Up to 2” thick

At Bayou Manufacturing we have 170 plus feet of ABS certified welding table with 3 heads able to weld most marine alloys from .100 to 1” with great speed and accuracy. We also have the ability to ramp up production to complete thousands of linear feet of weld per day. We are able to weld plate as well as various shapes and lengths of extruded materials that you can select from our extensive catalog.

Modular fabrication

  • Full Modular panels / sub-assemblies
  • Built to customer standards to speed construction / final assembly.

Forming / Bending

  • A process of bending aluminum materials into shapes
  • 12 ft wide – 178ton
  • Up to 2” thick
  • 24ft press 400Ton

Bayou Manufacturing provides quality forming services for both commercial and industrial applications.
We have the capability to bend aluminum and stainless plate from .032 up to 1″ thick and up to 30′ long.
Additionally, we have specialty benders to form pipe and complex CNC shapes.


We have 10’ wide rollers that can roll up to 1/2″ thick material.

Arc Welding

We have a team of welders that hold a variety of Aluminum and Steel welding certifications including ABS in Mig and Tig processes. We are also able to certify to a customer’s process, or create a custom procedure to meet the end users needs. Our team of skilled fabricators can quickly and accurately fabricate your aluminum project in full or partially based on the customers needs.



CNC Milling

  • Up to 24” x 50” table

CNC Lathe

CNC Router

  • Up to 12’ x 68’ aluminum
  • 3 tables

Waterjet cutting

  • Up to 5’ x 12’

Plasma Cutting

  • Up to 18’ x 40’ material

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