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Aluminum Modular Construction

Delivering build-ready modular kits, large scale panels, and complex components ready for assembly.

Modular Shipbuilding CapabilitiesFriction Stir Welding

Manufacturing for:

USCG & Navy Ships, Offshore Wind, Ferries, Workboats, Rail Industry, Truck & Trailor, Industrial

Advanced Aluminum Manufacturing

You need a trusted partner to deliver the quality and custom components for your large scale projects. Bayou Manufacturing has the capabilities, experience and logistics to keep your projects under budget and on-time. With Bayou Manufacturing you get Navy quality standards at workboat prices.

The Leader in Modular Shipbuilding with the Longest Friction Stir Welding Line in the USA


In-house materials, experienced manufacturing, all under one roof.


Ready to assemble components delivered on-time keep you BUILDING.


25 years of manufacturing and delivering for the vessel construction industry.

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A Complete Line of Manufacturing Services

Friction Stir Welding

MAt Bayou Manufacturing we have 170 plus feet of ABS certified welding table with 3 heads able to weld most marine alloys from .100 to 1” with great speed and accuracy. We also have the ability to ramp up production to complete thousands of linear feet of weld per day. We are able to weld plates as well as various shapes and lengths of extruded materials that you can select from our extensive catalog.

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Modular Fabrication

Modular Fabrication is building sub-assembly items that can be trucked into the shipyard to allow the shipyard to complete final assembly with less effort and faster than building on dock.

Forming / Bending

MBayou Manufacturing provides quality forming services for both commercial and industrial applications.

MWe have the capability to bend aluminum and stainless plate from .032 up to 1′′ thick and up to 30′ long.

MAdditionally, we have specialty benders to form pipe and complex CNC shapes.

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MRolling is a specialized form of bending that creates circular shapes with the metal, such as tanks and tubes. Here at Bayou Manufacturing, we can roll up to ½” thick material measuring up to 10’ wide.

Arc Welding

MWe have a team of welders that hold a variety of Aluminum and Steel welding certifications including ABS in Mig and Tig processes. We are also able to certify a customer’s process or create a custom procedure to meet the end-users needs. Our team of skilled fabricators can quickly and accurately fabricate your aluminum project in full or partially based on the customers’ needs.

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MKitting is managing the parts in a way to increase the efficiency of the build. We specialize in maximizing the kit to accelerate the build cycle.


MWe will provide the parts in pieces grouped together to make your build more efficient, faster, and better. You only get the parts you need when you need them.

CNC Machine Shop

MWe have a full CNC capable machine shop with mills, lathes and precision saws.

CNC Router

MLargest commercially available table in the US. We are able to precision cut up to 12’ x 68’ material. With our 3 tables, we can offer unmatched speed in cutting.

Waterjet Cutting

MWe have a 5’ x 12’ waterjet cutting table capable of cutting 6” thick material with precision.

Plasma Cutting

MWe offer an 18’ x 40’ hi def plasma table.

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Delivering the supplies you need, exactly when you need them, including time saving build-ready modular kits, large scale panels, and complex components ready for assembly.

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