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Difference & similarity between Aluminum 6061-T6 & Aluminum 6063-T5

Aluminum is a metal widely used across the world and commonly found in everything from aircraft to kitchen utensils. However, there are different types of Aluminum alloys available in the market. In this article, we will discuss some differences and similarities between two popular Aluminum alloys – Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5. So let’s get started.

Differences between Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5


Strength and Durability

Aluminum 6061-T6 is known for its high strength and durability, making it ideal for manufacturing aluminum 6061 T6. It is also commonly used in applications where high strength and durability are paramount, such as in the aerospace industry.

Aluminum 6063-T5 is not as strong, but it still offers good strength and is more than suitable for many applications.

Aesthetic Properties

Aluminum 6063-T5 is known for its excellent aesthetic properties, making it a popular choice for architectural applications. It can be easily anodized and colored to suit the user’s needs.

Aluminum 6061-T6 is not typically used for its aesthetic properties, as its strength and durability are its main features.

Corrosion Resistance

Both Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 offer excellent corrosion resistance. However, Aluminum 6063-T5 is more resistant to corrosion due to the addition of magnesium to its composition.


The cost of Aluminum 6063-T5 is typically lower than Aluminum 6061-T6, which makes it a popular choice for applications where cost is a significant factor.


Similarities between Aluminum 6061-T6 & Aluminum 6063-T5



Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are both Aluminum alloys that contain similar elements. They both consist of Aluminum, magnesium, and silicon as their primary alloying elements (however, the proportion of each component is different).


Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are both highly weldable alloys. They can be easily welded using different welding techniques such as TIG welding, MIG welding, and stick welding.


Both Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 have excellent machinability. They can be easily machined using different cutting techniques such as drilling, milling, and turning.


Anodizing is a process of creating a protective oxide layer on the surface of the metal. Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are both suitable for anodizing.


Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are both highly extrudable alloys. Using different extrusion techniques, they can be easily extruded into different shapes and sizes. This makes them suitable for various applications requiring complex shapes and sizes, such as in the construction industry.

Heat Treatment

Both Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are heat-treatable alloys. As a result, they can be easily heat treated to increase their strength and hardness.


Aluminum 6061-T6 and Aluminum 6063-T5 are both sustainable materials. They are 100% recyclable and can be easily reused in various applications. Additionally, they have a low carbon footprint.

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